Currently based in Amsterdam, since 2017 I am experimenting with marketing and communication as expanded tools and spaces for action, aiming to reach emerging publics out through cutting-edge narratives. I think and step out of the box to reimagine concepts and formats, working together with multidisciplinary teams, from designers to art directors. While pushing storylines forward, I activate projects in order to further explore brand identity, strategy, and to stimulate “business awareness”.

I always bring with me one main strong belief into the creative industries: brand setters are the ones who disrupt the rules to reinvent them. For that reason, I work with clients from scratch to shape brands embedded in their contexts and cultures.

I mostly enjoy working with you and starting to fabricate and create together. Drop me a message with nice words here

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What is Curate Fabrica

Curate Fabrica is a new mode of producing, making possible an unconventional space for creativity by freelancing. Curate Fabrica is an inventive laboratory where conversation, brainstorming, mesh-up, and footage of creative thoughts are assembled to generate concrete ideas rather than functional objects. Curate Fabrica is a mindset placing research in futuristic scenarios but drawing projects on today.

Curate Fabrica handcrafts, reconverting the common idea of “fabrica”. The challenge resides in knowing the right moment when to translate an idea into planning, execution, and delivery of a story that needs to happen yet.

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Curate Fabrica disseminates stories that enable public reaction and engagement. A clear communication is meant for a wider audience reach to deepen a relationship with them on the longer run.

With the main track in arts and culture, Curate Fabrica wants to shift its experience among commercial frameworks as well. The working method is always changing toward the most recent developments in marketing and communication. Curate Fabrica discovers and produces new ways for initiating and leading partnerships, shaping freelance projects, or going under longer-term collaborations.

Curate Fabrica are stories divided into chapters. Here you can find fragments, texts, visuals, or unpacked processes as the result of working together with public, communities, professionals, partners, and organizations.

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Nico Vascellari, 2020

“In Dark Times We Must Dream with Open Eyes”. Taking inspiration from the Italian visual artist Nico Vascellari’s motto, working together means boldly breaking conventions and growing with a strong vision that transforms and brings under a new light sustainable, innovative and fueling ideas.

  • Collaborations:
  • Veem House for Performance
  • DAS Graduate School - DAS Theatre
  • Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - Academie voor Theater en Dans
  • Wild Vlees – Francesca Lazzeri
  • Santarcangelo Festival (Italy)
  • Esterni - Milano Film Festival (Italy)
  • Holland Festival
  • BNNVARA (The Netherlands)
  • University of Copenhagen
  • Bocconi University (Italy)
  • Kokoschka Revival (Italy)
  • You can hire Curate Fabrica for:
  • Brand strategy
  • Creative consultancy
  • Marketing, Communications and PR management and strategy
  • Multi-channel community engagement
  • Partnership development
  • Fundraising campaign
  • Educational and discursive programming
  • Project management and development
  • Artistic production
  • What you can also ask Curate Fabrica for:
  • Guiding and leading (small) creative teams
  • Mentoring, tutoring, theory advisor and external eye for creative processes
  • Conducting workshops, laboratories and research (among different formats and environments)
How does Curate Fabrica work

Chapter 3 What if the beginning was not the beginning (and the end has already happened)? DAS 2019

Chapter 3 DAS 2019

What if the beginning was not the beginning (and the end has already happened)?

DAS Graduate School in Amsterdam reunites under the same roof four post-graduate programs as departments in the field of Choreography, Theater, Research and Creative Production. DAS Theatre is one of the most innovative educational environments in performing arts, which questions theater, attempts to expand its range of languages, and claims an explorative space for the public.

“Hidden in Plain Sight”, suggested by Edgar Allan Poe, points out to the core of my collaboration with the Dutch art institute: to make the institution and its audience aware that, sometimes, the best place to hide something is to display it openly.

  • How do you build-up and introduce a Marketing strategy plan in a moment of organizational change?
  • How can you translate experience and know-how from festivals and art production houses contexts into the new scenarios for artistic education?
  • How do you envision the communication in support of a double brand identity strategic positioning in between education and spectatorship?

Curate Fabrica has been called to stimulate more creative trajectories, to professionalize internal processes, and to introduce an alternative vision on brand identity and communication strategy looking to the future.

I shaped the workspace to make it more willing to take risks, to allow certain conditions that can lead to explore and produce new artistic projects on what theater can do and can be otherwise in the future. How? Reconsidering and treating the participants’ projects like professional works.

My role:
Head of Marketing, Communications & PR
International Program developer & coordinator

Collaborations and partnerships:
PAF - Performing Arts Forum (Paris), Santarcangelo Festival 2020 (Italy), Motus Theatre Company (Italy), Flemish Cultural Centre De Brakke Grond, Dutch Performing Arts Fund

Pictures: Thomas Lenden Fotografie Studio
Graphics: concept and design by Studio Maaike B.;
head of editing and concept development by Andrea Rogolino (Curate Fabrica)

DAS Theater's students attend lessons and events DAS Theater's students attend lessons and events DAS Theater's students attend lessons and events DAS Theater's students attend lessons and events DAS Theater's students attend lessons and events DAS Theater's students attend lessons and events

DAS Graduate School is changing on different layers, until it reaches an important point in rewriting its DNA after consolidating a strong vision and educational structure along more than 25 years of activities.

DAS Theatre has the particular necessity to internationalize more, but mostly in linking the educational program with the current state and dynamics taking place among the professional field.

Rethinking the visual communication strategy and focusing on stakeholders’ management strategies allowed to open up a dialogue with other organizations. It has been crucial to think and act across single departments, but also on the overall school: introducing performance measurement tools to guarantee quality, cross-accountability, and to ensure the adoption of the best strategy for each project. One among the others was a goals roadmap in order to track and share common milestones and projects’ developments.

Still from the DAS Theater's Instagram account Still from the DAS Theater's Instagram account Still from the DAS Theater's Instagram account
Stage of a theater show with the title Propaganda
View of the outside of a building with a light projection
Public attends a theater show
A performer screams while holding a microphone
A performer plays a show
A performer plays a show

Hidden in Plain Sight: International Professionals Program (IPP) x DAS Theatre

Neither a theater, nor just a school, but rather in between

View of a modern building located in Amsterdam

In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts NL (Fonds Podiumkunsten NL) and next to Silvia Bottiroli (DAS Theatre Artistic Director) we co-developed and coordinated a new pilot program to invite more than 50 Dutch and international performing arts professionals to explore, “touch” and go in conversation with the final graduation projects and participants by DAS Theatre 2019.

From Fundraising campaign, Project and Concept proposition, Stakeholder management strategies and Production planning steps, to Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting phases, I coordinated the professional visitors in connection with the artists presenting their works. The process meant to make possible collective as peer-to-peer events, especially to result in post-graduation touring and PR.

What if the beginning was not the beginning (and the end has already happened)?
Nomadic Curatorial Block x DAS Theatre

Video © Lele Marcojanni

Graphic composition with the text What if the beginning was not the beginning (and the end has already happened)?

In collaboration with Motus Theatre Company Italy) as the Artistic Direction for Santarcangelo Festival 2020 (Italy), DAS Theatre decided to move part of the educational program into a festival context, proposing certain questions through this long residency.

  • Can DAS move far away from its physical educational base?
  • How do you engage with different time(s) and smaller urban scales?
  • How do you experience (and envision) new and unconventional learning processes within an event-based environment?

I supported the communication of the program. Strategies have been put in place to make activities, results and findings visible, working closely with the festival, as for the projects made together with the artists and guests.