Currently based in Amsterdam, since 2017 I am experimenting with marketing and communication as expanded tools and spaces for action, aiming to reach emerging publics out through cutting-edge narratives. I think and step out of the box to reimagine concepts and formats, working together with multidisciplinary teams, from designers to art directors. While pushing storylines forward, I activate projects in order to further explore brand identity, strategy, and to stimulate “business awareness”.

I always bring with me one main strong belief into the creative industries: brand setters are the ones who disrupt the rules to reinvent them. For that reason, I work with clients from scratch to shape brands embedded in their contexts and cultures.

I mostly enjoy working with you and starting to fabricate and create together. Drop me a message with nice words here

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What is Curate Fabrica

Curate Fabrica is a new mode of producing, making possible an unconventional space for creativity by freelancing. Curate Fabrica is an inventive laboratory where conversation, brainstorming, mesh-up, and footage of creative thoughts are assembled to generate concrete ideas rather than functional objects. Curate Fabrica is a mindset placing research in futuristic scenarios but drawing projects on today.

Curate Fabrica handcrafts, reconverting the common idea of “fabrica”. The challenge resides in knowing the right moment when to translate an idea into planning, execution, and delivery of a story that needs to happen yet.

About this website

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Curate Fabrica disseminates stories that enable public reaction and engagement. A clear communication is meant for a wider audience reach to deepen a relationship with them on the longer run.

With the main track in arts and culture, Curate Fabrica wants to shift its experience among commercial frameworks as well. The working method is always changing toward the most recent developments in marketing and communication. Curate Fabrica discovers and produces new ways for initiating and leading partnerships, shaping freelance projects, or going under longer-term collaborations.

Curate Fabrica are stories divided into chapters. Here you can find fragments, texts, visuals, or unpacked processes as the result of working together with public, communities, professionals, partners, and organizations.

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Nico Vascellari, 2020

“In Dark Times We Must Dream with Open Eyes”. Taking inspiration from the Italian visual artist Nico Vascellari’s motto, working together means boldly breaking conventions and growing with a strong vision that transforms and brings under a new light sustainable, innovative and fueling ideas.

  • Collaborations:
  • Veem House for Performance
  • DAS Graduate School - DAS Theatre
  • Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten - Academie voor Theater en Dans
  • Wild Vlees – Francesca Lazzeri
  • Santarcangelo Festival (Italy)
  • Esterni - Milano Film Festival (Italy)
  • Holland Festival
  • BNNVARA (The Netherlands)
  • University of Copenhagen
  • Bocconi University (Italy)
  • Kokoschka Revival (Italy)
  • You can hire Curate Fabrica for:
  • Brand strategy
  • Creative consultancy
  • Marketing, Communications and PR management and strategy
  • Multi-channel community engagement
  • Partnership development
  • Fundraising campaign
  • Educational and discursive programming
  • Project management and development
  • Artistic production
  • What you can also ask Curate Fabrica for:
  • Guiding and leading (small) creative teams
  • Mentoring, tutoring, theory advisor and external eye for creative processes
  • Conducting workshops, laboratories and research (among different formats and environments)
How does Curate Fabrica work

Chapter 1 The future is dark, which is the best thing the future can be VEEM 2017

Chapter 1 VEEM 2017

The future is dark, which is the best thing the future can be

It is the beginning of 2017 when Veem House for Performance took the radical choice to turn the lights off and dive into a black-out for 265 days. It announced to open its doors to the public again for just 100 consecutive days rather than the whole year.

  • How do we practice what we publicly preach?
  • How do we make a theater visible to the public while it is temporarily closed?
  • What are the main elements released by an institution performing a black-out?
  • How do you translate that into the marketing and communication strategy campaign?

I have been asked to support the marketing and communications department to transform the brand image.

A new visual identity strategy has been created for the online channels in order to activate public engagement and interactions on social media and newsletter.

Making them more user-friendly and attractive allowed to translate the artistic vision into a content-based communication.

My role:
Digital marketing and online communications assistant
Curatorial team assistant
Educational program developer and producer

Pictures: Ernst van Deursen
Graphic design: concept and design by Atelier Carvalho Bernau + Rectangle Design (Open Work); concept development and editing by Veem House for Performance team & Andrea Rogolino (Curate Fabrica)

In close dialogue with my team, the task has been to make visible the shift into sustainability and quality. Making the house and the program politically driven, but also culturally engaging and internationally relevant. We choose Virginia Wolf’s words “the future is dark, which is the best thing the future can be'' to take over this challenge.

We called the program 
100 Day House.

VEEM 2017 theater program VEEM 2017 theater program
Several red keys with the VEEM theater's logo

I framed an audience development strategy campaign into the “Become a Housemate” motto while making audience-target group research and surveys, clustering both on a local and international level. I supported the organization to empower online communication for reaching better economies.

People attend events at VEEM Theater
People attend events at VEEM Theater
People attend events at VEEM Theater
People attend events at VEEM Theater
People attend events at VEEM Theater
People attend events at VEEM Theater
People attend events at VEEM Theater
People attend events at VEEM Theater
People attend events at VEEM Theater

Reading & Research (RR)
The Fantastic Bookstore

"What do you do when your world starts to fall apart?" Anna Tsing

Reading & Research (shortly RR) is a format about reading together, going in-depth on a specific urgent topic. Initially created by the theater dramaturg Nienke Scholts, I developed and produced a series of four RR in 2017, tackling an ongoing research on Feminism, Hope, Material Identity, and Social Imaginary. RR gathered people with similar backgrounds, expertise, or interests, leading further the political debate launched by the theater.

To make the RR possible, I worked on content research and concept proposition, partnership development, general communication, and event coordination. Moreover, I moderated sessions of discussion, and curated texts and visual outputs to be integrated inside the communication.

People attend events at VEEM Theater
People attend events at VEEM Theater
People attend events at VEEM Theater

RR contributed to community engagement, collaborative practices, and challenging collective thinking processes to produce and channel new stories along with the main program vision.

From there, we also created a new idea for a bookstore curated and led in collaboration with Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The bookstore changed multiple times with over 200 titles each, within the framework given by the in-house events and the other way around.